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Welcome to the NHMC website
Mission Statement
Our mission as a golf establishment is to provide an atmosphere, which creates good competition while exhibiting good golf etiquette & sportsmanship. Through financial support and physical labor we will improve playing conditions and continue to beautify Northern Hills golf course. We will promote junior golf in any way that we can. As a result of these experiences, we can expect to create lasting memories and friendships.
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July 19    Calcutta Auction :: Description
July 21    Calcutta :: Description

July Update

Friday July 14, 2023 @ 8:11 pm
By Josh Worisek

Before we get to the event for this month we need to talk about the June event. We had 9 players out of 94 not show up and did not call in to say they wouldn't make it. Please be mindful that a lot goes into planning and preparation for these tournaments. A simple no call no show can become a big headache for the whole tournament. Any heads up that you will not be in attendance can be very helpful!

This month we have the Calcutta for our monthly event on Sunday July 23 starting at 9am. This is the only event we have where you can choose your own partner to play with. If you want to sign up without a partner just let the Pro Shop know and they will find a partner for you to play with. Deadline for registration is Thursday night July 20th and this is a hard deadline since Mike needs to get things prepped for the auction the next day.

Please be paid up and ready to go at the course by 8:30am since this event requires some extra logistics!

Carts will be limited! Please reserve a cart ahead of time to guarantee that you get one!

The auction will be Friday July 21st with a happy hour at 5:30 and the auction starting at 6:30 at Northern 19. Attendance at the auction is optional with appetizers and a drink ticket provided. Please bring cash or check to pay for any teams you successfully bid on. You can buy back up to half of your team prior to the start of the event. You will be paying the person who bought your team so cash would be preferable.

90% handicaps will be used this year again and max handicap will be 36. Teams will be split into two divisions based on the combined team handicap. Payout is Win-Place-Show (ties will be broken via extra holes playoff) Unlike other events, the Calcutta will have ties decided by an actual playoff (other events use a scorecard playoff). All teams that are subject to playoffs must be ready at the tee box no later than 15 minutes after the final scores are in. Teams that are not present within 15 minutes will be considered to have forfeited.

Matchplay has been going well. Please be sure to get your match played before the end of the month in each round! I should have the brackets posted on the website this weekend. We are hoping next year to be able to do this through Golf Genius.

Shootout qualifying is still open. Be sure to pay prior to the 18 hole round and let the Pro Shop know if it is for the 19-man or 10-man.

Looking ahead, There is currently a plan to finally fix the road to the course tentatively scheduled to start on September 18th. We likely won't know for sure until it gets closer but this may shut down the course for a few days and possibly cause issues with the September event.

June Update

Friday June 16, 2023 @ 8:56 pm
By Josh Worisek

Our second event, the 2-Man Combo is coming up on Sunday June 25th with a 9am shotgun start. This event will have two man teams playing nine holes best ball and nine holes best shot with food available after the round. Deadline to register is Thursday night 6/23. Please register by responding to the event email that will be sent out in the next couple days or in person at the Pro Shop. If you want to have a cart reserved for the event please let Mike know ASAP since carts will be limited!

Brackets for match play and fourball will be out within the week. Qualifying for the 10-man and 19-man shootouts will also begin within the week. Cost for each is $5 per try.

There have been some issues with the weekly events so far:

Score cards need to be turned in to the Pro Shop after the round. Otherwise players will be considered DQ'ed.

The Pro Shop is not able to post your scores. You can post them yourself through the GHIN app or through the GHIN website. You do need to post your scores to be eligible for winning weekly events.

When turning in your score card, please have every players full name (no nicknames or initials) clearly listed on the card. If someone is not playing in the event then cross off their score before turning it in.

Spring Update

Thursday April 6, 2023 @ 3:07 am
By Josh Worisek

We have our Icebreaker planned for Friday April 7th at Northern 19 with a happy hour at 5:30 and the meeting starting at 6:30. Staying for the meeting is completely optional. Feel free to stop in at any time to have a drink and get registered. You can also get registered at the pro shop at any time prior to the first event. Drink ticket and appetizers will be provided. There will also be a drawing for a free NHMC membership (only members who have already paid will be in the drawing and you do not need to be present to win). Only CASH and CHECK will be accepted for membership payments.

The city will be moving to online tee times. You will need to give Mike a time range and day that you prefer (as well as your playing partners) for locking in the weekly event early in the season. This time will then be mostly set for the rest of the year. At the Ice Breaker Mike will be giving some more details on how it will work out.

Also at the Ice Breaker, we will be looking for suggestions on what sorts of course improvements people would like to see. If you can't make the Ice Breaker you can always send an anonymous message from the website.

Another way of helping with course improvements would be to help out at the course! Joe is taking applications through the city of Rochester website ( https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/rochester/transferjobs?page=2 )

The schedule for this year has been posted to the website... please note there could be changes to the different events themselves and which ones that will be food events. Weekly events are scheduled to start May 17th.

Registration will be similar to last year... you should be able to use your GHIN # and GHIN email. If you are having issues please send me a message (including email and #) and I can look into it.

Mystery Tees Reminder

Thursday October 6, 2022 @ 3:31 pm
By Josh Worisek

Just a reminder that tonight is the deadline to register for our last Sunday event Mystery Tees.  It will be a 10am shotgun start this coming Sunday.

A few other reminders...

The deadline for 19-man and 10-man shootout qualification is next Thursday (Oct 13) with the shootouts taking place on Saturday October 15th.  You must pay your fee and let the pro shop know which event you are trying for prior to your 18 hole round.

The Fall Banquet will be on Friday October 14th and Northern 19 with a happy hour at 5:30 and the banquet starting at 6:30. Appetizers and one drink ticket will be provided.  Please reply to the earlier invite Mike sent out if you are planning on attending.

All chits won during this year will be carrying over for the 2023 season.

Club Championship tee times

Sunday August 21, 2022 @ 2:53 am
By Josh Worisek

Saturday tee times

Sunday tee times

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