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April 12
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May 19
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June 23
Calcutta Auction
July 19
July 21
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August 17-18
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September 29
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September 29
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October 12
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October 12
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October 13
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Welcome to the NHMC website
Northern Hills Mens Club FAQ
Website: www.northernhillsmensclub.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NorthernHillsMensClub/
Clubhouse: 281-6170
What is Northern Hills Men's Club (NHMC)?

It is important to note that NHMC is a club, and not a league.
The purpose of NHMC is to get together and enjoy an honest game of golf among friends.

We have two main types of events: weekly and monthly.

Weekly Events:

Cost $2 to enter and you must sign the signup sheet before you head out to play. This sheet will tell you what the "game" is that week. Weekly events only use your front nine score at Northern Hills and must be played between Wednesday and Friday of that week. Typically you can just play like normal and the clubhouse will sort out all the details for the game. Occasionally you may have to record the number of putts as well for certain games. You can always go to the weekly events page for past years to get an idea of the different types of games. If its a solo game, it will usually be in divisions by handicap. But it can also be a group game (grouped randomly, not with the members you play with... blind draw after the fact.). Regardless of how good (or bad) you are, you will always have a chance at winning in the weekly events. Results are posted by the scoring computer typically one week after and are on the web shortly after that.

You must post your scores in order to win a weekly event and it must match the score posted! If you entered an incorrect score, speak with the clubhouse immediately!

Monthly Events:

Costs $5 each event (optional) for skins and normally has a 50/50 raffle pot. Some events have food provided afterwards. Each event is different and you can read more by clicking on the individual event from the main page on the website. These events are always Sunday (exception for the first day of the club championship on a Saturday) mornings and the start time will change depending on the season. Typically you will receive one drink ticket that can be redeemed at the beverage cart or the restaurant during or immediately after the event.

If an event is compatible with posting scores, the clubhouse will enter them in.

Please note that you must pay all green fees for monthly events! Your NHMC membership does not pay for your rounds!

Once turned in, a score can only be increased because of a mistake, not lowered. You should always verify both your score and your opponents after every hole to ensure there are no mistakes.

Event Cancellation:

If a monthly event gets cancelled due to weather, we will try to get an email out ASAP and post to the website and facebook. If you are unsure, you can always call the clubhouse to verify.

There are also extra side events such as:


Need to register at the beginning of the season for $10... registration is limited. You will be placed in a 16 man single-elimination bracket of players in your handicap range. All matches are 18 holes at Northern Hills. If both parties agree you can play 2 separate 9 hole rounds as long as you play both the front 9 and back 9. There are deadlines of when your matches have to be completed, you can check these on the matchplay page on the website or at the clubhouse. If a match has not been played before the deadline a coin toss will decide the winner. If a player does not get any response from their opponent after a reasonable number of tries they will be awarded the win. You can get your opponents contact info from the clubhouse or email them from the club members page on the website (if they provided an email).

19 man shootout:

Must pay $3 prior to an 18 hole round at NH and declare it is for 19 man shootout qualifying. Nineteen members with the top NET scores will be taken. On the day of the event all players still in the event will take turns teeing off. Each hole the person with the highest score is eliminated. If there are ties, there will be a putt/chip off TBD by the official. This will continue until all but one have been eliminated. Cash to the top 3 places and to the first few skins.)

10 man shootout:

Similiar to the 19 man shootout except the top 10 GROSS scoring players make the cut. You must declare which event you are trying to qualify for ahead of time or pay an extra $3 to try to qualify for both with the same round.

By being a member you automatically qualify to play in any weekly or monthly event assuming you pay any fees required. Some of the monthly events will require you to have an established handicap. We encourage players who do not have a handicap to get as many rounds as possible in before the first event. If you do not have enough rounds in the system, then the organizers are forced to estimate your handicap as being better than it actually is. This year we will be requiring at least FIVE 18 hole rounds to be entered by two weeks prior to the calcutta. Since the calcutta has a lot of money riding on it, you are expected to have a reasonable attempt at a valid handicap for it.
All prize money for weekly and monthly events are clubhouse credits with the exceptions of skins and calcutta winning owners/teams (if they buy back) which are paid in cash.

Where does my money go?

The current dues are $85. This money is used to pay for the Ice Breaker and Fall Banquet. They get you drink tickets for the monthly events as well as prize money and fund the two food events that we have each year after certain monthly events. The money also goes into registering the club with the MGA and MPGA and pay for your handicap recording. Some of this money is also put back into the golf course. For a more exact breakdown, contact the Treasurer.

Club Work Days:

Occasionally we will have mens club work days. While these are not required, we do appreciate any help people can volunteer and try to reward members who help to improve their home course.

Mens Club Board:

The NHMC is run by a board of of 10-12 members that typically serve a 3 year term. The board meets once a month for about an hour during the golf season to discuss issues in the club and prepare for upcoming events. If you ever want to have more of a voice in the club you are encouraged to nominate yourself for the board at the fall banquet.

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